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Andrew and Anastasia

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Our Story

It all began in Mrs. Fox's 1st grade class at South Jordan Elementary school. Tasia considered Andrew to be her first boyfriend (whether he agreed or not), they were in love. Fast forward to 6th grade Valentine's Day. Tasia had selected a large Hershey's kiss to hand deliver to his house which was only a few streets down the block. She was so excited to call him her valentine and remembers that day vividly. Continuing on to attend the same middle school, then Bingham High School shortly after, the two were heavily involved with sports but rarely interacted. After graduation, Andrew and Tasia grew apart and attended colleges on opposite ends of Utah.
That is until, an unexpected reconnection occurred in August 2019. Thank goodness for technology!
Since then, the happy couple became inseparable and little did they know, 5 years later to the date they would be married. It only seemed fitting that Andrew proposed at the most special place they both shared; the playground at South Jordan Elementary, where it all began.